bulletproof funk

November 5, 2010, 1:12 am
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Figure 1. just some background music to play! i was listening to this while typing so makes sense for u to listen to it while reading!

It’s really hard to put together a good choreography—it takes a lot of time, effort, and yelling!  I’m really happy to see everybody always smashing every show.  I am very very confident when I say that doing these performances has shown many people in Boston what some of these styles are about.  I think even just 3-4 years ago, audiences at BU were hard-pressed to see the difference between hip hop, popping, locking, waacking.  For sure you guys are exposing people to some realness!! keep doing it! you’re all doing great!  it’s sort of like: “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. THIS IS HOW WE KILL IT!”  what’s coolest is that when there’s no shows to prepare for, the open practice is 100% full as fuck everybody workin hard on their own stuff. then when there’s big shows coming up, the open practices are still packed!! everybody just does late-night show rehearsals on the side WOW —- then after the show is done the open session is even more fuller than usual because evrybody so hungry to get back to honing their skills! everybody in these crews so on point! killin it in the cyphers! killin it on stage! killin it in battles!

damn dude everybody keep working hard! if you love it, then fight for it!! every practice i go to, everybody is so dope!!!!


oops first song finished playing… here’s the next one i click it’s like russian roulette hope its dope!!


wow its kinda sexy sounding. but dont look at that dude’s face and think about sex at the same time!! big mistake!  anyways for everybody that hits up the open session—-always feel proud of what you’re doing. i know we’re all mad busy with our lives but we gotta always remember TO MAKE TIME TO LIVE!!! sometimes when i feel the busiest i know that’s when i have to practice the most—because we’re probably all only going to get busier right? so if we can’t MAKE TIME to do what we love now…then when will we ever???


wow man you know what i just realized? you’re probably still listening to the first track cuz you read faster than i can type!! whatever man i take my time with it! you can’t rush this kind of stuff!


WE THE STRONGEST!!!! 100 proof? 200 proof? BULLETPROOF







soul release 2 harvard square follow up
October 11, 2010, 11:28 pm
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Figure 1. made a quick video. might be kinda shitty—only had a few hours to watch 2 hrs footage and piece some of it together. but if i don’t make something now, then i know i never will get to it!!

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September 23, 2010, 10:59 pm
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Figure 1. OH YEAH WOO HU

Hey guy here’s the info for #2.  Hit me up if you’re interested and I’ll send you the formal invite which contains the details and the exact meetup spot in Harvard Square


Soul Release v1 follow up!
September 18, 2010, 1:50 pm
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Figure 1. SOUL RELEASE OH YES. here’s some stuff thrown together from some dope footage that jenn shot!!

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September 8, 2010, 4:32 pm
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Figure 1. MS paint—my number 3 top computer skill. number 1 is TYPING SO THAT YOU THINK I AM SHOUTING. and number 2 involves incognito windows

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bored on a wednesday
July 14, 2010, 8:10 pm
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yo so ever since i was a little chinese baby i was never flexible. my parents had me play all sorts of sports of sorts of sports of sorts of sports throughout elementary school and junior high. and in highschool i started bboying (sucked cuz was too inflexible and too tired) changed to popping and did wrestling on the high school team. i never stretched and so that chinese baby got less flexible kind of like a chinese lead pipe. to give u an idea, here are some things that i can not do a couple months ago (never could do all my life)

cant sit on the ground with legs straight
cant kneel (this made my elementary school pictures look absurd because i was always leaning forward looking like some sort of camera slut that looked bigger than the other kids)
cant touch my knees when my legs straight
cant clasp hands above my head when my arms straight
tend to turn entire body to look at something rather than just turn head

lots of other things that i couldnt do. sucky thing is is that i started stretching in college and it actually got worse. the problem was that instead of stretching, i was mega-stretching until it hurt a lot (turns out this doesnt work good) so isntead of getting stretchier, my muscles just got more buffer and stiffer and scared of me.

my girlfriend is soon-to-be physical therapist finishing up her 6 year bs/dpt degree so she try to help me now to stretch

first i learned that proper stretching is when u feel the stretch in the muscle that is good enough. when it starts to hurt, that is too much. when it hurts a lot that is mega-too much.

so she gave me a stretching regimen this summer and i’ve been doing it every day it takes me about 1.5 hours a day holy shit thank god for last.fm and youtube starcraft replays

once i start doing the good stretchy stretch i started actually get much more flexible for first time in my life. i feel like a baby bamboo

now here’s some things that i can do

can barely touch my upper ankle when legs straight
can touch hands above head when arms straight
some other stuff basically i am more flexy like little girl

also now when i’m dancing it feels much more awesome feels like i have more space. if u can imagine what i mean it makes sense. its sort of like if u took a window-shop mannequin and a person they take up the same amount of space. but a real person can feel more space. because mannequin not flexy like little girl

that is my philosophy on stretching


some updates from uzbekistan
June 8, 2010, 4:39 am
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greetings all!!! other than snubbing dave’s plea for reader interaction hope everyone has been doing fun and productive things. i recently went to a jam and took mad feetage, ill be posting it up slowly on my (plug)website(/plug), so far i have one uploaded but these files are pretty big and my computer is merely the little engine that could so itll take a while. plus im lazy. if you ever checked out my personal blog youll realize that i havent updated in a half century, well this is because one day i cleared all my cookies in my browser (and consequently my auto-login for the blog) so when faced with the login screen for my blog i realized that there was only one thing to do: close the window and forget i ever had a blog. ill get around to updating it one day with awesome stories that i havent shared with anyone……yet. ever. i also have an interview with a mystery boston bboy that i finished a while ago but never got around to posting. i dont want to ruin the surprise but i will say that his/her name might be J. Liem, or possibly Jet L. WHO KNOWS!!!??!?!??